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Add a festive touch to your videoasks

If you've been using VideoAsk for a while, you might have already checked out our hidden features that allow you to tailor a videoask to your specific use cases and preferences by adding some simple parameters to the end of the videoask URL.

We wanted to add an extra touch of merriness to your videoasks for the holiday season, with a hidden parameter festive special! 

Add falling snowflakes to your videoasks by adding the following parameter to the very end of your videoask share URL:


Here's an example of a videoask without the ?letitsnow parameter added to the URL:


And here's the same videoask with the ?letitsnow parameter added to the end of the URL:


To add a parameter to your videoask share URL, just add a followed by the parameter text. To add multiple parameters, add a between each parameter. You can add a single parameter or multiple parameters. Check out our other hidden parameters


❄️ Copy and paste the following videoask URL into your browser to see for yourself:

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